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You're looking for the best way to move your goods to or from Hawaii

You have found the right company! Designer Distribution Services, LLC can handle your move to Hawaii from the Las Vegas area. With over 75 years of experience shipping household goods overseas, our skilled staff will make sure that your move to Hawaii is professional, prompt, and affordable.

Moving to Hawaii isn't as easy as moving across the street. It is an over the water move, and over the water moves need to be packed different than cross-country or cross-town moves. The rocking and rolling of the ship as it crosses the ocean can cause stress on furniture and packed items much different than a truck. Our staff has experience packing items for these kind of conditions. They use methods that are designed not only to get your goods to Hawaii safely, but can save you money as well!

Our family has been moving families like yours to and from Hawaii for over 30 years. This experience gives us extensive shipping knowledge to share with you. All so you can cut down on the cost of moving, and enjoy your new home!

Contact us to find out how we can save you money on your move to Hawaii!

If you're moving to Las Vegas from Hawaii, we do that too! They don't call Las Vegas 'The Ninth Island' because of the beach! Las Vegas enjoys a large Hawaiian community. Designer Distribution Services, LLC will help you get to Las Vegas from Hawaii. We use the best agents in Hawaii to pack and load your shipment, then we handle it from there...

So your son or daughter wants to attend the University of Hawaii - We can help with that! Designer Distribution Services, LLC has a DITY (Do it yourself) small shipment program to all of the Hawaiian Islands. Big or small, we ship it all!